A true son of Detroit, designer Rami Mona has brought the world of fashion and sports together under his label Renzo Cardoni, founded in 2013 when he was just 21 years old. Renzo is a personal nickname & Cardoni is a nod to the Detroit’s CARDONI Street where his late friend lived. RENZO CARDONI is a brand that tied together all the most personal elements of Mona’s life – his childhood playing sports, his design talent, his name, and his roots. 

Since establishing RENZO CARDONI, the brand has created countless memorable moments with today’s biggest names in sports, music, fashion, and Hollywood. Releasing impressive collaborations with Nike, Jordan Brand, Vogue and Starter – Cardoni has become the most sought-after name in the bespoke space of sports team jerseys and sportwear.

CARDONI has become the go-to for handmade, customized jerseys because of how it’s made.  Created with the most luxurious fabrications and embellishments available from python to exclusive Italian leathers. Each CARDONI piece takes ordinary licensed fan attire and spins them into one-of-one works of art.